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May 12, 2018


I watched with disgust the manner in which the former NMA  President, Dr Ogirima lied in an interview on channels television some days back, one would wonder if this man  has the fear of God or he was just being a pathological liar, Same goes to their oga at the top, Adewole, the minister of HELL or do we say a professor of medicine can no longer differentiate between equality and equity, do we say he could no longer differentiate between minutes of a meeting and an agreement made with JOHESU, stamped and signed or he was just bending the truth? The manner in which Nigerian doctors had deceived Nigerians and turned her health institutions into personal money making ventures in enough.

What amazes me most is the pride that  these people exhibit after managing to become doctors and will want to take charge of every departments in the hospital, turning themselves into semi gods that all must worship. They become jack of all trades master of none. Many of these ones got into medical school through pre-degree courses, many of them through private institutions without having to pass JAMB. Many even ran out of Nigeria to Ukraine, Benin republic and other countries where they were never exposed to any form of clinical practice,no wonder they are ethically malnourished.  Philippines is worst, they deport them after training without being licensed to practice, Some of them even got into the university through the back doors (examination malpractices, bribery and corruptions). Only few managed to go through the Nigeria University after several attempts, visit their transcripts from school and see their failures.

What are we even saying here? A visit to most Nigerian hospitals will tell you that these animals in human clothing know less than noting, if nurses and pharmacists should start documenting their wrong prescriptions and diagnosis, you will think twice before surrendering yourself to their care, many have been sent to their early graves as a results of this, the good thing about them is that they know how to cover their messes. A doctor who cannot diagnose more than typhoid and malaria, is that one a doctor?  Ask yourself why this is the only diagnosis you get at every opportunity you visit the hospital, noting but typhoid and malaria.

With the recent press release by NMA, one would ask if these set of egocentric idiots are suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury, or probably the devil just decided to gather his best team of stunted demons to NMA because I can’t expect a group of professionals in its right senses to issue such a threat to the employer of labor [the government] that if the demands of other professionals are met, they would embark on an industrial action, how should the demands of others professionals pose threats to them if they are convinced that what they are enjoying today rightly belong to them? Why this level of insecurity? Nobody comes in when they are demanding their rights from the government but they would be dictating the right of others, what they get and what they should not get, how will such continue in a sane society?

           “No profession is superior to another; every profession is unique in its own way”

 I wonder why medicine would be different. They believe if you are not a doctor, you are nobody, forgetting that everybody cannot be a doctor. The Nigerian educational system is the same, first degree is first degree either in medicine, nursing, pharmacy and everybody should be treated as such. Enough of this “monkey dey work, baboon dey chop”

The Nigeria health sector had suffered epileptic delivery of service for so long as a result of animalistic behaviors of these power drunk NMA members. Many of the facilities and equipment meant for our health institutions are diverted to their privately owned hospitals on a daily basis, sometimes last year one of them, a consultant for that matter was sacked by the Akwa- ibom state government as a result of this, leaving our hospitals with inadequate medical facilities and equipment. Diversion of patients to their private facilities is the order of the day, giving these patients outrageous bills leaving their families with psychological stress looking for money.
  NMA is advocating for international best practices, then one would ask, What is international best practice?
“It is a method or technique that has been generally accepted as superior to any alternative because it produces results that are superior to those achieved by other means or because it has become a standard way of doing things.”

 So if we must embrace international best practice in the Nigeria health institutions as proclaimed by NMA we have to note the following points;

1.) The acting surgeon  general in the US is a nurse(Rear Sylvia Treat Adams R.N )

2.)Tedros Adhanom, the present director general, WHO  was never a Doctor.

3.)Nurse consultants have been in existence for years in the developed countries like UK, Canada.

4.)License practicing nurses enjoys full autonomy in the united states, diagnosing ailments, prescribing medications and carrying out surgical procedures in the united states!

5.)The present minister of health in Germany is a banker.

The princess grace hospital in London where the president of Nigeria, president Buhari has been attending to his health needs when NMA members could not properly diagnose him, a slap on their faces was never headed by a Doctor. A look at the management team of that hospital suggests that the chief executive officer  of the hospital, Miranda Dodd is a physiotherapist, Ray Guirguis, a pharmacist is the chief operating officer while Elaine Stewart, a nurse is the chief nursing officer and Sina Dorudi,a doctor is a medical director.

Can we see the management team and see parity? Can we compare this to what is obtainable in our health institutions dominated by the moronic idiots called NMA? Can we see how international best practice should be in terms of management team, not when the team is dominated by a set of professionals? I think we truthfully need to embrace international best practices as a matter of urgency.

The lopsided composition of the board of federal health institutions which is yet another creation of the military administration of Gen. Ibrahim Babangida vis decree 10 of 1985 is what NMA members has enjoyed more than too long and this is one of the major cause of this incessant strike and disharmony in our health institutions with resultant increase in mortality & morbidity rate.
Until  the federal government wakes from its state of unconsciousness and see how these NMA members have been taking them for a ride through their members in the ministry of health, until federal government evaluate the havocs and putrefactions they have committed to the health sector, harmony and sanity will never be established in our health institutions.
The poor masses who cannot afford private hospital bills are at the receiving end and these masses should join in this Johesu struggle and let’s together say no to this injustice, acrimony, corruption, disenfranchisement, victimization and marginalization that have render our health institutions a shadow of death in the hands of  the NMA members. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH


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