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July 29, 2017


Hey friends!

How's the weekend been with you?
Spent mine with owanbe friends. I dont regret it anyways cos it was fun!

Now let's get back to work...

Last time we were introduced to CGFNS on this platform and the reasons why it is very important for Nurses with the intention of working abroad.

Today, I will be exposing us to step by step process on how to get it done. Feel free to make comments and ask questions.

This program is specially and
uniquely designed for registered and first level nurses. They are educated outside the U.S.A and they need to get through the CGFNS exam for further practices in the states. The registration procedure for the same is simple and easy. Read on to know about the CGFNS registration.

CGFNS Registration 

Online registration can be done from the official website ( You need to have a credit card for that. They accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover/Novus. 
NOTE: American Express card is not accepted.

You can download CGFNS form from its official website. You need to fill all the details correctly including a completed CGFNS credit card payment form, an international money order or a certified bank check. It should be “payable” to CGFNS.
Mail your form and other documents on the given address:
CGFNS International,
Suite 400,
3600 Market Street,
PA 19104-2651, USA.

The eligibility for this program requires a nurse to hold both initial and current registration as a first level, general nurse as defined by the International Council of Nurse (ICN). At the first level a nurse is called a registered or professional nurse in most countries around the world.

A second level nurse is an enrolled, professional, practical nurse or nurse assistant is not eligible to be licensed as a registered nurse in the United States and therefore is not eligible for the Certification Exam. A general nurse must have received theoretical instruction and clinical practice is many nursing areas. A nurse who specialized in one area without being educated and registered as a general nurse is not eligible for the Certification exam either. The main points are:
•The candidates should have successfully completed Higher Secondary School Education
•The candidates should have graduated from a Govt. Approved Nursing school

The candidates should hold a valid license/registration to practice as a general nurse

Till next time on this platform, remember not to give up on your goals.

With love from Nrs.Kethz!

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